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Our Purpose


Music Rx's mission is to aid the healing of active duty military personnel, veterans and first-responders through music therapy. We provide musical instruments, lessons and experiences to promote the use of music as medicine.

Who We Are

MusicRx is the brain child of a wounded Navy veteran who found that through the power of music he no longer needed to depend on the prescriptions he was on to help combat his injuries. The power of music became his medicine. He is now medication free and living life without the side effects those pills would leave.

What We Offer

As our mission statement says we offer musical instruments, lessons and experiences. These are all free of charge to any active duty personnel, veteran or first responder. With the gracious donations from individuals or organizations who understand the true power music can offer, we are able to offer these to those who have put themselves in the line of fire and have served selflessly in the line of duty.

Contact Us

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If you would like to be involved in any way or are a Active duty member, veteran or first responder interested in what we offer, contact us and we will gladly reply as soon as possible!

For media or donation inquiries, please contact Betsy Shepherd at Betsy@Connected-Communicationsllc.com

MusicRx Foundation

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